Hi there! I am Mario and I love to create beautiful things. I am a coder with passion and strive to become better at it, every day. I started to code when I was about 14 - 15 years old (it wasn’t actually “real” coding, since I started with HTML and CSS).

I always wondered how programmers would tell computers what they wanted it to do but at the same time, I didn’t understand why the UI was kept visually unappealing and most arguments for that were something like:

the important thing is, that it works.

When I started my programming journey, I immediately fell in love with it. And for me personally, it wasn’t enough that it just worked. I wanted the user to also have a pleasant experience when using software.

In the beginning, I tend to overdo things in order to create a beautiful UI. After that, I have realized that less is sometimes more. Now I prefer simple over complex and like minimalism more than extravagant.

My Current Goals

Completed Goals 2018